As a hospital facility, nothing is more important to you than providing the highest standard of patient care. We understand your mission, and it’s our goal to convey that pledge to your community.

When it comes to digital advertising services, you need a team with experience in large-scale patient outreach. Not only that, but a partner who is familiar with HIPAA compliant marketing.

Hospitals today need to provide quick and easy access to the information that people in their community are looking for. This can be achieved through a beautifully designed website, informative content, excellent patient reviews, and engaging social media profiles.

Digital Standout can help you stay in touch with what today’s patients need most, and then meet those needs through a variety of innovative marketing solutions.

Our Digital Advertising Services

Inbound Marketing

Your reputation with your community is everything. When you have good standing, people are naturally drawn to you and they give you their trust. Our experienced marketing team can help you build a stellar reputation that continually attracts new patients.

We view each patient as a whole person, and we help your message reflect that same philosophy. Your community consists of a diverse population. We help you discover their unique needs…and meet them in engaging ways.

Not only that, but we also help you make deeper connections with your community so that you can build trust, loyalty, and integrity. To help you do this, we use the HubSpot software platform.

  • Works seamlessly to promote your hospital’s reputation & services
  • Trusted by medical facilities across America to deliver measurable results
  • Uses a person-focused philosophy to surpass patients’ expectations
  • Improves your online reputation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are many medical facilities that your community can choose from, but you want them to choose you. By optimizing your website and your entire online presence for better Google rankings, we help your hospital get found at the top of search results.

Our team specializes in on-site SEO optimization of your web content and back-end code. We are also experts in building a positive, active online presence that includes social media profiles, Yelp reviews, and website content. West Suburban Hospital and Weiss Memorial Hospital in Chicago are our two most recent clients.

Yelp Management

No business is immune to the effects of online reviews…not even a hospital. Patients looking for quality health care are more likely to look at a review site like Yelp versus going to a hospital’s website to viewing their testimonials. Why? Because Yelp is an unbiased place to see what real patients are saying.

Our Yelp management services help your hospital make it easy for patients to leave reviews on Yelp, and we also help positively shape your reputation so that it shows your best side.

Social Media Management

Social media engagement is one of the most influential ways to get better Google rankings. Google knows that people go on social media to talk about everything, and when a business has an active social media presence, Google rewards that business with better rankings in search results.

Digital Standout will create your social media accounts, build out your profiles with SEO-optimized descriptions, and then post engaging content. We also provide daily interactions with your fans and followers to help them make a deeper connection with you.

Web Design & Development

Our team has years of experience designing medical websites. These skills have brought us the insight needed to give your website users a truly exceptional experience.

  • Beautiful design & colors that work with your logo
  • Formatting and layout that are easy for any web visitor to use
  • Professional medical copywriting services for each page of your site
  • Search engine optimization to help you reach more local patients online

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) & Online Advertising

When someone needs a good hospital, they go online to find one. Since Google is the preferred search engine for most Americans, we help you get seen by more local patients by creating beautiful custom ads on Google Adwords. We also specialize in Facebook ads targeted at reaching local potential patients.

All of our ads look gorgeous on desktop and mobile devices alike, so you can rest assured that they will look incredible no matter what device is used.

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