Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

We will plan, implement and manage a custom inbound marketing campaign to generate, deliver and convert web traffic to actual customer leads.

Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation

Getting the attention of potential customers, making your business easy to be found and drawing customers to your website by way of blogs, videos, eBooks, eNewsletters, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing and other forms of content are all part of inbound marketing.We will plan, implement and manage a custom inbound marketing campaign to generate, deliver and convert web traffic to actual customer leads.


Inbound marketing provides valuable information for your prospects when they search for services, solutions, prices, locations, answers, expertise opinion on certain topics and products. Generally, these are the necessary information your prospect needs to know before buying. With content, we will address your prospect’s questions and concerns and lead them to your website for answers.


We will promote the content on your blog, on your social media channels and in emails to your contact lists to greatly increase the number of leads coming to your website to read the content and offer additional resources related to their topic of interest.


When a prospects visit your website to find answers, the information offered will position you as a subject matter expert and you will gain their trust. Based on this trust, they are more likely to provide you with their contact information and not you have a lead!


When a website visitor is converted to a lead, their contact information is placed into a highly sophisticated and automated nurturing software program. From this point on, the emails that include additional content and offers on the topic they’ve shown interest in are automatically sent out to help with converting a lead into an actual client. Lead nurturing and email marketing are structured to provide information that is precisely targeting where a lead is in the purchasing cycle.


Prospects and all the activities surrounding the inbound marketing components such as email marketing, content, social media, lead-conversion pages and downloads are monitored closely and optimized to high performance, all in real-time and with a sophisticated smart-software.


Using the smart-software, we are able to measure your web site traffic, leads and sales to provide closed loop marketing Return On Investment. Included in your Monthly Reports are:

Sources of Traffic
Identify where your user traffic is coming from, what they are interested in and shape future content to target these interests

Blog Activities
Identify what is working and attracting traffic, helping us shape the next great blog post.

Social Media Reach
Gather data about the reach of your business in Social media and help you understand the changes in your marketplace.


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