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No matter what your day-to-day business is, there are enormous opportunities to be gained with a thoughtful social media marketing strategy. Investing in social media management services with Digital Standout means putting an expert at the helm so you can stay focused on your core business.

What are social media management services?

Social media connects your business with the outside world in a friendly and interactive way. Digital Standout can help you take your social media presence to the next level. We offer a full range of social media management services, including:

  • Social media strategy development
  • New account set up
  • Existing profile audit/review and optimization
  • Post development and management
  • Social monitoring, moderation, and response management
  • Review management
  • Analytics

We provide social media marketing services on major platforms like Facebook and Instagram, handling everything from writing optimized content and sourcing the perfect images to managing links to your website.

How can a social media management company help my business?

Consider some of the top ways that investment in social media can help you.

#1: Expand your reach

Building a social media following means you’re introducing yourself to prospective customers and making sure current customers don’t forget about you. Additionally, most search engines now incorporate content from social media platforms in regular search results. Not only is your content visible on social media, but it reaches even more eyes in Google, Bing, and other searches.

#3 Showcase your story

Each of the various social media platforms offer unique ways for you to present your brand and show your strengths. A strong social media strategy will help you frame your story the way you want.

#4 Enhance your credibility

People are more likely to become a customer of brands they engage with on social media, and a strong social media presence adds heft to your credibility as a brand, making you a top choice.

What kind of results can I expect from dedicated social media management?

Because of the enormous audience reach that social media offers, with the expert help of a dedicated digital marketing agency, you’ll be able to expect results that matter.

Increased website traffic

One of the biggest benefits is driving relevant traffic to your website by linking to it from appropriate social media content. Not only does this give you a valuable stream of new visits from interested consumers to your site, but over time it can help your ranking in all search results, since search engines look at social linkbacks as indicators of a website’s value.

Lead generation

For many businesses, this is where the magic happens. An effective social media plan helps you to drive growth to your business in measurable ways, by generating leads directly from your social media efforts.

How is success measured?

We measure success the way you measure success. Depending on your goals, we can set up analytics to measure your social media performance, visits to your website, direct conversions, and ROI. Digital Standout’s reporting and analytics not only tell you what is going on, but also implement strategies for continuous improvement so your business will grow.

The value of expert management

As consumer behavior has evolved alongside the digital world, using social media as a business tool has become more sophisticated. It’s no longer an afterthought or something you can do in your free time. Social media management for businesses has become a professional undertaking.

Our expert account managers know the ins and outs of how to make your social media presence work for you, while retaining your brand personality and integrity.

We understand the audience: Many businesses who manage social media without expert help miss the mark when it comes to knowing what their customers want from them on social media. We can help you identify what value proposition you can offer in a digital social space.

We employ a data-based strategy: Best practices in social media are complex—etiquette, protocols, and methods that lead to engagement and conversion change over time and vary by platform. We’ve already done the deep digging into social analytics—and you get to tap into our expertise.

We devote the time that you can’t: Many people find they don’t have time to keep up with the demands of social media. But consumers expect consistency in your activity and response—failing to do so can hurt your credibility and relationships with customers. We’re able to deliver consistent content no matter how busy you are.

About Our Process: Seven Steps to Social Success

We know every client is unique. Our approach is to develop customized plans and content for each client.

Step 1: Introduction and Evaluation

We have a simple intake that helps us get a complete picture of your business, your brand voice, your customers, your community, and your goals. If you’ve never ventured into the social media world for your business, we’re here to simplify the process for you. In just a few minutes, we gather enough basic information from you to set up Facebook, Instagram, and more. We’ll review any current social media profiles, evaluating them against your goals to give us a benchmark for all our work to come.

Step 2: Strategy Development

We put together specific recommendations on how we can take your social media strategy to the next level. A comprehensive strategy involves not just creating content, but building a cohesive brand across platforms that integrates social engagement, brand awareness, and direct calls-to-action.

Step 3: Account Set Up

Digital Standout provides complete account set up of your social media channels including profile completion, optimized product/services descriptions, and adding your profile photo and cover photo. We use today’s most advanced techniques and tools to create custom content that gives you measurable results. Your business’s potential for reach is endless, but only if you use the right tools.

Step 4: Monthly Social Media Calendars

Each month, we develop a customized social media calendar for you to review. Many of our clients integrate additional digital strategies, such as email marketing, blogs, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital advertising, which are all incorporated into a monthly plan.

Step 5: Posting and Monitoring

We handle all the posting across platforms, monitor accounts, manage responses, and keep you updated on activity. Interacting with your followers can be extremely time consuming. That’s why our team is here—we step in and respond quickly to likes, comments, and messages so you can continue doing what you do best…running your business.

We post relevant content aimed at promoting your specific products/services, so your fans will be more likely to set up appointments and buy from you. These interactions are seamlessly communicated to fans so they feel like they’re speaking directly to you.

Step 6: Tracking and Measurement

Leads are the name of the game. It’s great to have a booming social media presence that is growing by the day and brings you new business but what’s going on in the background? Reporting and analytics are the backbone of your social media presence, and a critical aspect of your success. Each month, you’ll receive a monthly report of all metrics related to your social media accounts and any specific goals. 

Step 7: Our Open Door

We’re here to help you succeed! Sometimes, you may need to change tactics midstream. That’s why we have an open door—if you have a service focus that changes suddenly or a unique event creates an immediate opportunity, we’re here to be flexible to your needs.

How much do social media management services cost?

Digital Standout works with clients who have budgets of all sizes, helping small businesses, as well as mid-size and large companies achieve results. A customized social media services plan is typically billed in an easy flat monthly fee, which includes all aspects of content creation, curation, posting, and monitoring. We also have packages that can integrate other important aspects of digital marketing with your social media plan, including blogging services, email marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, and online review/Yelp management. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Do you want to stand out?

Why choose us for social media management services? Digital Standout is a marketing agency with unparalleled digital marketing savvy and top-notch customer service. Other social media agencies often don’t provide a customized approach for your goals and may not consider your overarching digital footprint.

We provide engaging content for your fans and followers to interact with…but there’s so much more to the picture.

  • We proactively engage with your audience based on what is currently happening in your industry or marketplace.
  • Your posts are constantly refined based on what is working best for you.
  • We run analytics on your account activity and respond by posting more of what is bringing you the best results.
  • We utilize tried and true strategies to continually increase your followers and grow your fan base.

Who are our clients?

Our clients include businesses in multiple industries, and we also have valuable specialized expertise in digital marketing for complex markets such as medical, dental, hospital, and B2B focused industries.

How to get started

Find out how a proper digital marketing plan can elevate your brand, capture leads, foster customer loyalty and grow your business. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Find out how a proper digital marketing plan can elevate your brand, capture leads, foster customer loyalty and grow your business