Yelp Management


Customer reviews can make or break your business because most consumers now research before buying products and services. At which place would you rather eat – a 3.5 star rated restaurant or one with 4.5 stars? Not only do positive reviews bolster credibility, but they also bring in new customers.

Digital Standout provides complete setup and build out of your business’s profile on Yelp.

 Special Access to Agency-Only Benefits

As our client, you get exclusive access to our Certified Agency Partner Representative at Yelp. You’ll see more leads, get an enhanced profile, and receive optimized ads.

This is only available to Yelp Certified Agency Partners, and you get complete access to these benefits just for being our client.

  • Complimentary management services
  • You only pay for your ads (Cost-Per-Click)
  • Discounted or FREE Enhanced Profile listing choices
  • Month to Month contract term
  • Video hosting services
  • Continuous optimization of your profile, ad campaigns, and Check-in Offers
  • Monthly reports only available to agencies – you get more data so that we can continually improve your results
  • Flexible Cost-Per-Click rates on ads
  • Better ad targeting to reach your ideal audience
  • …and so much more!

What to Do About Good Reviews

Digital Standout provides your business with hands-off approach to publicly responding to positive reviews directly on your Yelp account. We provide your Yelpers with prompt responses so everyone can see how attentive and appreciative you are.

What to Do About Bad Reviews

Bad reviews happen, even to the best of businesses. Digital Standout will help you with reputation management by alerting you to a bad review and helping you address it with grace to arrive at a positive resolution.

Reviews Mean Better Google Rankings

Google looks for active, well-liked businesses to rank in their search engine. Having a high ranking on Google is gold, so we help your Yelp profile to get the positive attention it needs to boost your Google rankings. With higher rankings in organic search results, people will naturally find your business even faster.

Choose a Yelp Certified Agency Partner

Contact us today to find out how our experienced team can help your business grow its reputation and its rankings through Yelp profile management. Once you become our client, you get special access to agency-only benefits that we are glad to pass along to you.

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